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Just Announced: EaseCentral ADP Integration

With technology advancing the way it is, the need for multiple systems to keep track of HR and benefits is [...]

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Health Insurance Chatbots & AI find a home in HR & Benefits

According to CareerBuilder’s recent study, more than half of HR managers predict that in five years Artificial Intelligence (AI) will [...]

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Level-funded plans for cost savings

Level-funded plans have surged in popularity over the last five years, earning their spot as a staple option for companies [...]

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Telemedicine: Broker’s Secret Weapon

The future of the industry is increasingly digital and interconnected. Brokers, now more than ever, should consider the advantages of [...]

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Word & Brown’s Exclusive API Online Enrollment Integration with EaseCentral Gets Positive Broker Feedback

Word & Brown General Agency announced today it has received an overwhelming, enthusiastic response from brokers using its WBQuote Application [...]

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Why HDHPs may be the answer to millennials’ woes

High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) represent an emerging type of healthcare coverage. In today’s ‘age of information’ - consumers desire a [...]

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Affordable Care Act Advantaged Wellness Programs

Most companies see employer wellness programs as an added perk for employees instead of a strategic investment to help a [...]

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Why Onboarding Will Boost Broker-Employer Retention

  Brokers must understand and relate to the needs of their employers to maintain a positive relationship. After all, many [...]

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Entrepreneur, “6 Overlooked Ways Small Companies Can Compete for Big Talent”

Our CEO, David Reid, recently sat down with Entrepreneur Magazine's HR expert, Heather Huhman, to discuss EaseCentral's focus on referrals [...]

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Why data transparency is more than just a buzz word

Identifying the right healthcare plan is unarguably difficult, but it is absolutely crucial decision to make, whether you are an [...]

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