EaseCentral and Blue Shield of CA are partnering to make plan submission easier for brokers across California.

Blue Shield of CA focuses on finding brokers, employers, and their employees the right plans to fit all of their needs. Today, Blue Shield of CA has one of the largest PPO, HMO, dental, and vision networks in the state, helping increase reliable health coverage and access to doctors and hospitals to help Californians stay their healthiest.

Brokers working with EaseCentral and Blue Shield of CA will now have the ability to submit plan data for new small business groups to any Blue Shield of CA plan directly through EaseCentral with a census file pre-formatted for submission. The census file will format all data as Blue Shield of CA requires it and decrease the administrative duties and time spent normally associated with submitting plans. This process means more efficient plan submission for brokers and less room for error.

Brokers can continue to e-submit new small business Blue Shield of CA plans to their General Agent partners. This service is available for initial submissions only, and not for ongoing maintenance.

Visit the EaseCentral Marketplace for more information on Blue Shield of CA and other benefit offerings.