EaseCentral and Lively are partnering to bring flexible, modern health savings accounts to brokers and their groups.

HSAs are becoming increasingly popular, especially with efforts to insure more young, healthy employees. HSAs give younger employees the chance to enroll in high-deductible plans, and securely set aside money they would pay for a regular insurance plan in a tax-free account, which rolls over year to year. This way they will have a “stash” of money to pay for medical expenses in the future.  

Now, brokers and employers working with EaseCentral can offer employees intuitive, simple, and transparent HSA options through Lively. Lively works alongside high deductible health plans to make healthcare easy. HSAs with Lively includes a less than five minute set up, payroll syncing, paperless account management, and provides easy online investing. Funds in a Lively HSA are all FDIC-insured, so the more money employees save, the more they earn too.

Visit the EaseCentral Marketplace for more information on Lively and other benefit offerings.