Earlier this week we covered the benefits of blogging for your agency: establishing yourself as a thought leader, maintaining your trusted advisor relationships, and more. Today we’ll go over how often to post, and when.

How often should a broker blog?

Data shows that companies that blog generate more traffic and leads. For businesses with 1-11 employees, those that publish 10 or more blog posts a month generate twice as many leads than those who don’t.

If 10 posts sounds like a lot, remember that posts can be short and you can always repurpose content you’ve used somewhere else. You can write pieces commenting on recent news you read, or profile some of the clients you work with.

When should a broker publish their blog posts?

Determine where your employers are. Are most of them on eastern time or pacific? Are they spread across the country? Hubspot found that 8 a.m. PST (11 a.m.) EST is the best time to post for a few reasons:


  • It’s at a daily posting low for English language sites, so it won’t get as much competition.  
  • It overlaps with the morning of both east and west coasters who often read their blogs in the morning.

It’s time to write your blogging strategy. Figure out who you want to engage- new clients or current ones, and what you want to tell them. Set a schedule and stick to it. We’re looking forward to reading about your business.